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     15 gauge
: Bostitch BCS15, Senco Q
     16 gauge:
          Medium Crown: Senco N; Paslode GS16; Atro 116, 100; BeA 14;
                                    Porter-Cable MS; Hitachi 11200
          Wide Crown: Senco P; Bostitch BCS; Duo-Fast 1700; Paslode GSW 
     18 gauge:
          Narrow Crown: Senco L; Bostitch SX5035; Atro 90; BeA 90;
                                   Duo-Fast 1800; Paslode GSN18
          Medium Crown: Senco M
     20 gauge: Bostitch STCR5019, SHCR5019, SB5019; 
                      Stanley Sharpshooter TRA; Duo-Fast DF5000; Rapid A11
     21 gauge: BeA 80; Senco A; Bostitch SBNK4023
     22 gauge: Senco C; JK; Bostitch SP3023
     23 gauge: Bostitch STCR2619; Rapid A19
     Divergent Point Staple: Duo-Fast DF1800D; Bostitch BCS31, BCS31P; 
                                              BeA; Atro 9200D

     15 gauge
: Senco DA; Porter-Cable DA; Bostitch FN
     16 gauge: BeA SK400; Paslode F16; Hitachi14300
     18 gauge: BeA SK300; Paslode F18; Senco SX, AY

     Clipped Head Nail
: Bostitch 28 degree, paper collated; Paslode;
                                        Senco 33 degree, paper collated
     Wire Coil Nail: 15 degree
     Wire Coil Roofing Nail: 15 degree

     Plastic Cap Nail
: Square and round plastic cap nail, masonry nail
     Metal Cap Nail: Square and round metal cap nail, masonry nail


L HEAD FLOORING CLEAT: Suits Senco and Bostitch

HOG RING: D, C, M, Loose ring


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